Capital Goods

CNC Machining Centers

ModelX Axis capacity (mm)Y Axis capacity (mm)Z axis capacity (mm)
Machining Center Lagun L-16001620700640
Machining Center Lagun L-14001430670640

CNC Milling machines

Model X Axis capacity (mm)Y Axis capacity (mm)Z Axis capacity (mm)
CNC Milling machine CME FS-2180010001000
CNC Boring machine Juaristi J-125200015001300

CNC Lathes

Model Ø Max (mm)Max. Length (mm)
Guruzpe Lathe CNC A-100/411004000
CNC Lathe DMG 510 V6801050
CNC Lathe Pinacho ST-2855701500
CNC Lathe Monfort VNC 10023001100

Conventional Lathes

Model Ø Max (mm)Max. Length (mm)
Lathe Guruzpe Super AT11004000
Lathe Geminis GE-6507002000


  • Workshop size taller 750 m2
  • Bridge cane capacity up to 10 Tm
  • Gear hobbing machine Liebherr L-900. Hobbing capacity up to Ø 1100 mm up to module 14 included
  • Fitting and assembly department with certified welders